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Big Sandy SWCD takes pride in providing environmental educational activities that strive to meet SOL requirements and MWEE( Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience) for students in K-12 schools in Buchanan County.

We partner with several agencies to provide programs such as Kids-N-Woods where students learn about what's in the forest and the things it provide.

Our annual Groundwater Festival teaches kids about the benefits of taking care of our Natural Resources. Weather its by keeping our water resources such as; rivers, lakes and streams clean by not polluting or littering, keeping our soils healthy to grow crops by reducing erosion loss or keeping our forests sustainable by only harvesting what we need and replanting trees for the future.

One of the other activities that we promote each school year is the Virginia Envirothon.
The Virginia Envirothon is a team based natural resources competition for high school students.  Students who participate learn stewardship and management concepts  and work to solve real world environmental problems.  The program is field-oriented, community based and gives students an opportunity to work with natural resource professionals.

With all our programs we try to provide activities that allow students to be interactive with the lessons that are being taught. So; if you have any questions about our educational programs or would like to volunteer during one of our events please call our office at the number provided. 

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